Moving day is around the corner. From packing your stuff to setting utilities at the new house, there are plenty of tasks you need to do.

The good idea is to hire a reliable moving company that presents you with the best offer in terms of services and price. Visit this website to learn how they plan to help in moving. 

You can also lend a helping hand to your moving crew to make sure everything completes on the scheduled date & time.

Here, in this article, we enlist the jobs you must do before the professionals arrive at your location.

#1 Purge unnecessary stuff

It doesn’t make sense to pay for packing and transporting items that you may not use again or have deteriorated, such as the rusted garden equipment. 

Since the moving expenses will be determined by the shipment weight, you should make genuine efforts to get rid of items. Approach the top movers and packers in Sydney and get an estimate. 

Before they come knocking on your door, it’s recommended to set aside items like:

  • Outdated furniture
  • Old books
  • Outgrown clothes
  • Old toys

It would be great if you could either host a backyard junk sale to pocket some cash or donate items to a local charitable trust a couple of days before.  

Make sure the items should be in a good condition.

#2 Dispose of anything that your movers won’t transport

Before the movers arrive, dispose of items that they may not pack or transport because of safety concerns. 

So, read on to know these:-

  • Hazardous Items:- These include explosives, flammables, cleaning fluids, ammunition, etc. 
  • Perishable Items:– These include fresh foods, frozen and refrigerated items. As a piece of advice, you should use up the majority of the food supply before the moving team arrives. 
  • Plants:- Because of the extreme fragility, transporting plants is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. For a long-distance move, consider gifting plants to your neighbour next door or a local hospital, school or nursery. 

Approach the best moving company to know the list of items that are restricted to transport. The experts will guide you in the best way possible. Visit and request for a list of things that can be transported. 

#3 Inventory all your possessions

By now, you’re left with the belongings you want to move from your old apartment to a new one. Prepare a checklist that will provide you with the details of everything to be packed. 

Having a household inventory has two benefits. Firstly, having a list of items shipped and checking the delivered stuff in terms of damaged/missing items. Secondly, filing an insurance claim with your insurer becomes easy.  

Either create a house inventory list via the traditional pen-and-mark method or prepare a digitised checklist. 

#4 A no-pack zone

One of the top priorities before the crew arrives at your place is to select things you will be transporting with you via your car. 

To be on the safer side, write “Do Not Pack” over a piece of paper and paste it on that room’s door. In case, you can’t afford to spare an entire room for this, at least cordon off a small area and make it a no-pack zone. 

Also, the leftover food, apart from groceries, should not be packed. Instead consume it or share it with your friends and neighbours. 

The things homeowners tend to move all by themselves include documents, medicines, electronic devices and other valuable items.  Even most famous removalists in Perth recommend the clients to carry valuables with them. 

#5 Preparing the essential box

You need a survival kit. What should I do with this kit? In layman’s terms, have anything you need to survive a day or two. 

The most common suggestions include non-perishable food, prescription medicine, plastic utensils, bed sheets, spare towels, toiletries and essential tools.

Also, do not forget other items such as family heirlooms, expensive & delicate electronic items, important documents, jewellery, etc. 

#6 Family safety briefing

Amidst the move, the safety of your family members matters a lot, including your pet. So, a night before the moving day, hold a family meeting regarding what to do before the movers arrive and safety tips to avoid any potential injury. 

Let each member of the family know their set of responsibilities. Keep your pet and kids safe in a room separate from the hectic moving activities. If possible, leave your kid or pet with a trusted person for the entire moving day. 

In the end…

Show your mover around and tell what exactly is expected of them. Don’t forget to offer your best removalists on the Gold Coast bottled water, snacks, etc.  Seek useful tips from them about making the journey ahead comfortable and memorable. 

And, finally, let your professionals do their job and answer all the questions they have regarding the packing process.